Scope of work we are doing at Glen Parva Prison 

Construction of substructure for each of the buildings (7 House Blocks & 6 Support buildings) inclusive of Ground Slabs where applicable.


Entrance Resource Hub             (2735m2 area) + (2295m2 topping area)

Support Building                       (588m2) + (166m2 topping)

Central Resource Hub               (2608m2) + (2149m2 topping)

Kitchen                                     (1124m2) + (1124m2 topping)

Workshop                                 (4637m2) + (2494m2 topping)

Casu                                         (788m2)

House Blocks                           (13,700m2)


Provision of below ground gas protection to several blocks.


Retaining walls


Additional support structures foundations and ground works, including, sub-stations, kennels, radio mast and ancillary hard standing areas.


Construction of surface water and foul water drainage, including attenuation tanks and storage and connection of attenuation ponds into the wider drainage network, connection of Crete Avenue properties and construction of package pumping stations.


Civils works to support installation of temporary services networks including power, gas, water and comms.


Civils works to support the installation of the permanent services including power, gas, water and security including the provision of all gas, water and fire mains pipework.


Hard landscaping, paving and associated street furniture, including construction of MUGA pitch areas (70,000m2 area)


Lighting protection systems


Low level brickwork.


Upper floor insitu concrete slabs to metal decking on several buildings. (see above)