The station renewal was part of a much larger project to improve the wider rail network in the Reading area, previously a bottleneck in the region’s rail system.

The aim of the project was to create new capacity at the station, which is one of the busiest outside London, with some 20 million passengers a year passing through. Among other aspects, six new platforms were created and others refurbished as part of the project.

Michellson were responsible for the construction of all the Substructure and Superstructure Reinforced Concrete works which encompassed new Retaining Walls, Lifts, Escalators and Staircases from Platforms to Upper Concourse areas.

Reinforced Concrete Columns and Buttress heads to take the new overhead Concourse Bridge structure along with 1km of precast concrete track side abutment works.

In addition there was extensive underpass Public thoroughfares created bothe below and adjacent to the station.

More incredibly all of these works were carried out whilst working in a live station environment.