A first class Design, Manufacture & Delivery service working with a number of leading contractors in the UK construction industry.

We offer a range of high grade bespoke products:

- Columns
- Stairs
- Landings
- Precast units

We are committed to using only the material of the highest quality to ensure we deliver a superior and consistent product to our client each and every time With the most modern equipment we can work with our clients to deliver a product to their exact specification, and by utilising our own transport fleet we can deliver to client timeframes ensuring maximum efficiency.




Precast Units

Why us?

  1. Positive impact on HSQE – Less work at height, less contact with COSHH materials, less material waste & reducing environment impact & improved  product quality

  2. Time Saving – The use of precast can assist our clients in speeding the construction process enabling them to meet tight programme deadlines.

  3. Space Preservation – Deliveries are in accordance to suit site programmes, reducing site clutter & storage, especially site with limited space.

  4. Cost Effective – Overall reduction to site construction, reducing site labour + material storage