At Mitchellson Our Temporary Works Engineers:

  • Provide in house design service to assist in tendering submissions.
    • Power point and sketch up visualisation for sequencing and planning.
    • Value engineering and methodology input.
  • Are resident or semi resident on site to augment the Mitchellson site team, liaise with the principle contractor and permanent works designer.
  • Have access to extensive temporary works library and industry professionals and maintain P.D. training.
  • Designs of bespoke solutions and items of non-mechanical plant to suite job specific need.
  • Have extensive knowledge of proprietary equipment, and have over many years built up good working relationship with the leading industry suppliers and manufacturers, to maximise benefit to the individual contracts.
  • Provide site with information as to methodology ,safety related sequencing, and residual risks.
  • Work with the permanent works engineer to provide efficiencies in construction methods, and maintaining robustness of the permanent works.